User’s Conference 2018 Recap

The WoodWare team and partners that attended had a great time sharing WoodWare updates and training sessions at the Bass Pro Pyramid during this year’s User’s Conference. We’re excited to announce the dates for the 2019 User’s Conference: April 3rd, 4th, and 5th. April 3rd will be the day used for the Round Table Discussions (WoodWare partners will share and learn best business practices outside of WoodWare). We will continue to send our customers information on the Round Table Discussions and hope everyone can make it.

Discussions of Interest

This year discussions centered around the various enhancements that have been made to our software products. We also walked through several WoodWare training courses.

Record Building

A conceptual review of record building in WoodWare with an emphasis on the browser interface and how to use Excel and other tools to enhance the process.


A review of the Purchasing rules and how the new browser-based program has been built to enhance how the user purchases inventory.

Building Your WoodWare Configurator

How to construct your configurator with the goals of ease of use and management.

Cash Receipts / Accounts Receivable

A look at the enhanced Cash Receipts program and how to use the enhancements to your advantage in managing your A/R.


Set up and management of DocXT file types, the settings affecting how a user sees returned data, and setting up a secure environment.

Future of WoodWare

Review of the updates available in the WoodWare 9.1 Release, including Accounts Payable and the elimination of PLB programs.

Wrapping up on Beale

On Thursday night, the WoodWare team and partners enjoyed a social hour in the BassPro Pyramid before heading to a fun dinner on historic Beale Street. We hope our guests enjoyed themselves and everyone is able to return for our upcoming User’s Conference 2019: April 3rd, 4th, and 5th.


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WoodWare Systems, the millwork Industry's leading software solution