DocXT: Document & File Management

DocXT is built around a new concept that eliminates the old electronic file cabinet, giving you unparalleled flexibility in how you can store and access your documents and files. Quickly capture both paper and digital documents wherever the files enter your organization. DocXT provides the ability to scan and retrieve your valuable documents and files in a secure and user-friendly system. Not only does DocXT help improve office organization, customer service benefits as well from quick file-based inquiry lookups.

Goodbye Paper Gap!

DocXT helps you overcome the speed bump in businesses – paper. Utilizing a virtual tag file system, DocXT provides a new approach to file management. Built on innovative semantic document management, our intelligent system focuses on what the file is rather than where it lives.

Instant Access to Documents

Address Disaster Recovery

Reduce Misplaced Papers

Unique, Semantic-driven Technology

Utilizing Virtual Tag and Location Technology™ means you only have one instance of a document or file stored securely in the database.

Once a file is uploaded, any user can assign as many identifying Virtual Tags as are necessary so the document can be easily located by anyone in the office that has authorized access.

Virtual Tags can be updated and added if you need to make a change.

Address Disaster Recovery

Disasters come in many forms.

Most of the time for a business, a disaster is the result of a power outage, an act of nature, a cyberattack, or human error. Whatever the cause, without a surefire workplace recovery plan, a business is likely to suffer extreme financial losses.

Virtual Tags can be updated and added if you need to make a change.

Unattended Document Put Away

Provide a quick and accurate method of printed document input utilizing XT Scan Tag technology.

Any printed documents such as delivery tickets and work orders that need to be processed after getting signatures, notes, or any other new information can easily be added into DocXT through our barcode technology. When the driver returns or the documents come back from production, they are simply scanned into DocXT, the applied barcode is read and all account associated information is automatically tagged to the document.

That is the power of our smart XT Scan Tag technology, with no manual information keying, scanned documents get uploaded to the system, properly associated and are easy to find in the future.


What People Are Saying

Barnett Millworks has been teamed with WoodWare as our technology partner for over 30 years.  They work hard to provide meaningful solutions that make a difference in how we do business.  A great example is WoodWare’s Configured Order Entry that has all product configuration maintained in one place and available to all the users both internal and on WebConnect.  One of the biggest wins for Barnett is the reduction in training time for our hires with minimal millwork experience and the improved accuracy and consistency for our customers.

Dan Barber

Vice President, Barnett Millworks

We really appreciate the flexibility of WoodWare. It makes order entry easy and allows us to create special orders on the fly.  It is much easier than what we have used in the past and the configurator greatly shortens the learning curve for new staff.

Scotty Harris

Harris Door & Millwork

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