User Conference 2019 Recap

We enjoyed another successful User Conference this year and wanted to recap the event for all who were able to make it and those who were not. On Wednesday, we hosted an executive Roundtable session for executives and management for the first time. This laid the foundation for upcoming video conferences with the goal of discussing millwork industry best practices as well as struggles and triumphs for our customers. The following Thursday and Friday proceeded with various WoodWare courses, updates, and some fun downtown.

Executive Roundtable

Jeff Hunt, General Manager and COO of Heister House Millworks, led the way in bringing the concept of an Executive Roundtable for our customers to reality. This first meeting was spent learning about each company’s business model, goals, and challenges. Based on the success, there are video conferences planed that will explore solutions and guidance from other WoodWare customers familiar with such situations and how they dealt.

The Executive Roundtable also welcomed Cindy Ogden, a business process specialist and CEO of Fuel It. She presented material on effective management, improving performance, and inspiring engagement. Lastly, Erik Lewis, WoodWare Senior Software Engineer, shared capabilities of WoodWare’s built in business intelligence tool, AnalyticsXT. Erik has been building pivot tables and dashboards that will allow our customers to see their data in new formats and help in making business decisions.

We appreciate everyone’s involvement and are looking forward to the insight we gain going forward. Please contact if you have questions or would like to be included in these Executive Roundtable sessions over video conference.

User Conference

This year’s User Conference held several training courses on updated programs including the browser-based Accounts Payable, our new analytics tool AnalyticsXT, and a nice opening day baseball game.

On Thursday, attendees were given a preview of the new enhancements available in WoodWare’s latest release, 8.3. The new browser-based Accounts Payable was demonstrated in the first course of the day. Accounts Payable is being moved from the PLB format to browser-based and should be available later in 2019. There are many new capabilities and an updated interface.

After lunch, we held an Accounts Receivable Class. Discussed were details on the replacement of the N-Form-It and an introduction to new WoodWare invoicing and statement processing and distribution functions. A reporting class later in the afternoon covered a review of the existing reports and tables where data resides to assist in the creation and maintenance of Crystal reports.

The last course of the day was an introduction to our Label Tag Program where record building, maintenance, and processing were explained. Developed in conjunction with existing WoodWare Customers, the Label Tag Program provides a method for customers who use the Label Programming in WoodWare to create unique labels for each product. For example, an order line with (5) 2/6×6/8 RH pre-hung units can be printed with 5 unique labels for each door unit on the line (i.e. label tags: Bedroom 1, Bedroom 2, Hallway, etc.).

Thursday night was opening day for the Memphis Redbirds and it was a blast having everyone together to enjoy dinner, drinks, shoot pool, and a Redbirds win! We enjoyed spending time with everyone in the first-base suite as well as time on Beale Street afterwards.

Friday morning held several more sessions to conclude the User Conference. First, Erik Lewis, WoodWare Senior Software Engineer, demonstrated the business intelligence capabilities of WoodWare’s built in analytics tool, AnalyticsXT. Lastly, the future of WoodWare 9.1 and many of the enhancements in store were shown along with an exciting new ability to apply attributes to all items and composites.

Attributes provides a new capability for the WoodWare user to quickly analyze different configurations. The Attributes are user defined. There can be multiple attributes per item or composite (i.e. width, height, style, etc.). For example, if a user discovers a warranty issue with a certain door and hinge combination, Attributes will allow you to quickly locate every order by line (and customer) where that combination exists. It is also possible to utilize Attributes to streamline the assembly process. More on this exciting development to come later this Summer!

We greatly appreciate everyone who made the trip and their participation and feedback in the discussions. We are excited to begin planning for next year and will communicate the details with you once they are set.

Erik Lewis, Woodware Senior Software Engineer, discussing AnalyticsXT

Cindy Ogden, CEO of Fuel IT, discussing business process efficiency

John Salajka, Vistage Worldwide Inc. Chair, facilitator of the Roundtable

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