WoodWare Product Highlight: WebConnectXT

WebConnectXT continues to gain traction with the WoodWare customers. WebConnectXT is WoodWare’s browser based internet access module that allows your customers to access their information (orders, history, bids, etc.) 24 hours a day without having to call your customer service reps.  When information is updated on your WoodWare System (such as order ship dates) it is immediately updated for the WebConnectXT user since WebConnectXT is accessing live data on WoodWare.  WebConnectXT is also a great tool for your outside sales reps to have web based access to customer information.  All access is user/password controlled, including what information each individual user is allowed to see.  The cornerstone for WoodWare’s graphical Order Entry is the Configured Order Entry module.  Configured O/E provides you a framework to set up a fool proof method that steps your order entry personnel through the building of simple (stair parts, moulding, etc.) to very complex (exterior doors with all options) configurations.  WoodWare’s Configured Order Entry is built in Excel with a WoodWare add-on that uploads it into your WoodWare database.  It allows you to customize the way your products are configured into a very consistent methodology.  The real benefit is that practically ANYONE can correctly configure your products error free!

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