WoodWare Systems presents at the Gartner IT Symposium/Xpo™ 2019

Nick Carter, President of WoodWare System, gave a presentation on the advances in WoodWare’s technology this month at the InterSystems booth at the Garner IT Symposium/Xpo™.   Nick spoke on how WoodWare was very fortunate in the business partner we selected for our database platform.  InterSystems Corporation is an international company based in Boston, MA.  Their primary focus for many years has been in the demanding health care arena. The benefit to WoodWare and our customers is the wide variety of powerful tools and capabilities built into the Caché relational database they provide which is going to allow WoodWare to leap ahead with our technology.

Nick highlighted the various parts of WoodWare such as DocXT and WarehouseXT. WoodWare’s WarehouseXT (Warehouse Management System) was the first product developed in the InterSystems Caché relational database.  We currently have WarehouseXT successfully installed at several WoodWare customers.  DocXT is WoodWare’s file and document management system that is not only fully integrated with the WoodWare ERP software, but is also used by other InterSystems Application Partners embedded with their HealthShare applications.

WoodWare Systems, the Millwork Industry’s Leading Software Solution

WoodWare Systems, the millwork Industry's leading software solution