WoodWare’s Document Management – DocXT

Improve your customer service experience, help your people become more efficient AND save money at the same time!

WoodWare’s DOCXT is THE most powerful and flexible system for the storing and retrieval of any type file (text, graphical, audio, video, etc.) to eliminate the worry of lost information and the frustration of looking for misplaced files and documents! DOCXT gives you a competitive advantage by lowering costs of paper/file storage and giving instant access to information locally and via the Internet.

DOCXT integrates seamlessly with the WoodWare and WMS business systems. Any documents that are created in WoodWare can be automatically created and stored. You can also easily scan external information (such as faxed in orders) and quickly “tag” them to the order information electronically stored in DOCXT.

What sets DOCXT apart?

Most document management systems’ methodology revolve around a conventional filing system. There will be an “electronic” file cabinet that will have “electronic” file drawers that are usually dedicated to departments or functions (i.e. Sales, Purchasing, Human Resources, etc.). Within these drawers will be “electronic” file folders that hold the “electronic” documents. It is basically a one-to-one relationship. If you want a duplicate copy stored in another “electronic” drawer, you have to make another copy and insert it in the proper “electronic” file folder.

DOCXT utilizes Virtual Tag and Location Technology™ which means you only have one instance of the document or file and then assign as many identifying “Virtual Tags” so that it can be easily searched on and located by all parts of the organization that have authorized access. Virtual Tags can be updated and added to if the needs change.

All of the information is stored within the database and access is strictly password controlled. This means that there is no visibility of your files from outside the system.

Improve Customer Service! Think about the time saved just by eliminating the need for workers to leave their desks to pull a file. They will have information at their fingertips and can answer inquiries on the spot rather than having to locate files and call back.

Training is also minimized. DOCXT has an elegantly simple design so that your organization can immediately begin taking advantage of the many benefits

Disaster Recovery is also a topic of major concern today. With DOCXT you back up your data every day and can then safely store your information off site.

Automatic tagging of WoodWare created documents (such as delivery tickets, shop documents, etc.) can have bar-codes added so that the documents can be loaded into a scanner and automatically “tagged” and stored in DOCXT.


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WoodWare Systems, the millwork Industry's leading software solution