The WoodWare team is excited to announce the launch of its new website. The goal in launching the new site was simple: we wanted to be able to share the benefits of our software products while making the information easy to consume. A modern look and feel will help our visitors easily navigate the information of interest as well as reach out for additional questions or a demonstration request.


While contracting a marketing partner to help guide the process, we chose a specific platform to build the site on. We needed the ability to update and enhance the site as we grew. Next, we took all of the informational content from our old website and restructured it in a way that avoids being overly wordy and provides a nice flow from one product section to another. We then selected a variety of graphics and images specifically chosen to compliment the content. Our programmer, Erik, collaborated with our marketing partner Tiffany, and built out the content and the underlying site where all of the information resides.


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The main focus of the website is to provide interested visitors an easy pathway to request a demonstration of any of our software products. Throughout the website, we’ve placed buttons directing visitors to our ‘contact us’ form where they are able to reach out to us with questions and requests.

WoodWare Software Updates

As our site is getting a modern update, our software is as well. In the WoodWare product offering, we’ve been transitioning from older command-style programs (PL/B: Programming Language for Business) to newer, intuitive browser-based programs. These newer programs are easier for a new WoodWare user to learn; they execute with simplicity and intuition. Additionally, we will be creating a new user-interface for the programs in the near future to give an updated look and feel to the software front-end.


Check in often

The new WoodWare site will also be utilized as a platform to keep our current customers informed on what will be available in new releases of the software as well as relevant industry events and news. Keeping customers and prospects informed around our annual User’s conference as well as other millworking events will be an important function of this new site as well. We hope you enjoy the new site!


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    "WoodWare's Item Dimensional Control Program is able to figure out material costs and accurate usage within a matter of seconds. This has saved us weeks of manual job costing work to figure out prices to market to our customers."


    David Hockenbroch

    of Heister House Millworks (Mt. Pleasant Mills, PA)

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