WoodWare Product Highlight: WarehouseXT

You’re on a mission to cut costs, eliminate waste, and seek out greater profitability! WAREHOUSEXT is the solution to help you do it, using DCC EXACTRAX technology to provide exact tracking of your products and information – at the receiving docks, through put-away, picking, cross-docking, production, staging, loading, shipping, cycle counts, management reporting, and more. Throughout your warehouse or wherever you store and handle products, WAREHOUSEXT tracks it for you.  WAREHOUSEXT is the best warehouse management system available today for distributors, wholesalers, manufacturers, and others that need up to the minute product tracking. Every time you touch it, move it, or do anything with it, you are scanning the products so that with a quick inquiry into WAREHOUSEXT, you know exactly how much of every product you have, where it is in your facility, and who handled it. Special orders are easily tracked and located saving you a tremendous amount of time and money. WAREHOUSEXT utilizes the latest product tracking technology including Radio Frequency (RF) barcode scanners and wireless technology. This technology application provides one of the most immediate and quantifiable ways to cut costs in your operation.  If you’re not using WAREHOUSEXT to handle your product tracking, you’re spending too much money on manual tracking, updating, errors, and misplaced products and information. Our DCC EXACTRAX technology in the warehouse is designed to save you money and make you more efficient and profitable.  The cost savings are staggering, and they make WAREHOUSEXT software and warehousing technology one of the most favored technology solutions for distributors, manufacturers, and third party logistics operations. The ROI payback for WAREHOUSEXT is often just a few months from the time you start to use it throughout your facility.


WoodWare Systems, the Millwork Industry’s Leading Software Solution


WoodWare Systems, the millwork Industry's leading software solution