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Our customers, like you, pre-hang a large number of doors on a daily basis. Before using WoodWare, they faced the challenges you face. Our goal is for your company to work towards 100% automation, continuous business optimization, and unattended workflows.

Sales and Estimating

Sales and estimating capability is designed to optimize efficiency, minimize errors, and provide valuable profitability insights. By streamlining these processes into one integrated system, WoodWare aims to enhance the overall sales experience and drive business success.

Product Configuration

Bid Creation

Sales Order Entry

Profit Analysis

Seamless Integration

Var-i-Frame, Product Configurator

Experience a revolutionary method of building records and performing order entry with no predefined Bill of Materials needed. Our team has developed an accurate and efficient method of handling the endless combinations of door and window units with the Var-I-Frame™ Configurator. Order Entry simply places the desired unit code into each opening, and Var-I-Frame™ automatically pulls the correct mullions, extension jambs, stop, handing, hardware and options to build a unit on-the-fly.

Bid/Quote Processing

Enter bid information with ease with the ability to store for later rollover into Sales Order Entry. Your customer service department can easily modify bids should the requirements of your customer change. By maintaining a master file of bids, you have the option to use any bids multiple times, store bids as separate files, or use existing bids as templates.

Sales Order Entry

Accurate customer information and inventory control at your fingertips. WoodWare provides unmatched levels of detailed discounting and unlimited trade discounts, along with quantity breaks on several different levels.

Sales and Gross Profit Analysis

Complete sales reporting can be easily generated by filters such as sales representative, customer, or merchandise category. Customer sales can be quickly compared using a YTD sales analysis, which provides year-to-date sales for the current and previous year.

Inventory Management

Overcome asset management issues, one of the biggest challenges facing millwork companies. Benefit from an accurate, active inventory count, efficient handling of tag processing, count sheet inputs, and RF barcode processing.

Purchasing Management

Access a complete and accurate picture of your product movement, using 24-month history and average daily usage data with consideration of seasonal factors. WoodWare Purchasing Management was designed by experienced millwork purchasing managers and offers many competitive benefits.

Work-in-progress / Build-to-Stock

Work-in-progress (WIP) provides the ability to pre-build units for stock (BUILD-TO-STOCK or BTS). WIP automatically relieves on-hand quantities of all items pulled to build each unit, and adds to the on-hand quantity for those items that were built, giving an accurate picture of available inventory. The inventory for BTS items is automatically committed at Order Entry. If you do not have enough BTS items to fill an order, the system allows you to either enter the unit as the normal order entry item, or allow the BTS item to go through as a backorder.


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